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From now on, the recruitment of teaching staff will be done at the DCE level


Aug 24, 2021

GITEGA August 23rd (ABP) – The Minister of Public Service and Employment, Mrs. Domine Banyankimbona declared on August 19, 2021 that the recruitment of teaching staff will now be done at the level of the DCE (communal education offices).

From left to right, the permanent secretary, the minister of public service and employment, the minister of morning education and the permanent secretary of the ministry of national education and scientific research

It was at the end of a meeting that the ministry in his charge organized jointly with that of national education and scientific research, at the place of the provincial directors of education of the whole country, in view to enlighten them on the new recruitment approach.

Mrs. Banyankimbona explained that this approach is part of responding to the aims of the responsible and hard-working government initiated by the Head of State, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye. She explained that this government advocates decentralization, specifying that they want the commune, the development pole of the country.

Speaking on the new recruitment structure, Mrs. Banyankimbona said that the national recruitment commission will take care of the supervision, specifying that this commission will have a branch at the provincial level constituted by the provincial director of education and communal directors of teaching.

The provincial recruitment commission will play the role of interface between the national commission and the communal recruitment commission, she said. In addition to the above, Mrs. Banyankimbona said that the Ministry of National Education plans to hire 1,000 teachers for the 2021-2022 school year. This recruitment, which will be done at the level of the DCEs, will favor the criterion of “native of the commune “, specifying that the assignment of recruits will also take into account this criterion of native at the level of schools established in zones. It asked job seekers to submit their files, paying particular attention to that criterion and respecting the time limits set for submitting files.

As for those responsible for the DCEs, Mrs. Banyankimbona demanded to recruit while complying with the prescribed terms of reference, while insisting on watching over the constituent elements of the file, particularly the commune of origin, so as not to run the risk of ” hire people from other communes.