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The price of ndagala has fallen at the COTEBU market


Aug 16, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 16th (ABP) – The price of premium ndagala (small fish), commonly known as “karumbe” has dropped significantly, from 50,000 to 22,000 BIF, or even 16,000 BIF depending on the variety, a check by ABP revealed this on Friday August 13.

In an interview with ABP, Mr. Dismas Ndayizeye, a dry ndagala trader in the COTEBU market, said that those prices have gradually fallen.

Indeed, he said, the price varies depending on the type of ndagala. Thus it is 18,000 BIF per kg for “inyamavuta”, 16,000 BIF per kg for “imbiya” or “ubuhuzo”. Besides, he said, there are other “intanzania” type ndagala that cost 22,000 BIF per kg.

For large fish called “imikeke”, prices vary between 20,000 and 10,000 BIF (depending on size) for a pile of between seven and eight fish.

Mr. Ndayizeye is delighted with this drop in prices which, he said, makes customers come to buy en masse.

Regarding the prices according to the varieties of ndagala, he clarified that there are some customers who prefer ndagala which cost less, and others who prefer the quality, regardless of the price.