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The sample period of revenue collection was successful at Kinama market


Aug 12, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 12th (ABP) – The test period, which began in January 2021, was successful in collecting revenue from square footage at the Kinama market, in the urban commune of Ntahangwa (north of the economic capital), according to the market commissioner, Mr. Désiré Ndikumana.

Indeed, he said, revenues currently vary between 15 and 20 million Burundian francs, whereas before this period, they varied between 12 and 16 million Burundian francs per month.

Mr. Ndikumana points out that the Kinama Market Commission has adopted appropriate strategies to increase municipal taxes.

Indeed, he said, in addition to awareness sessions for traders on the need to pay the municipal taxes and which had a positive impact, the Kinama market police station also organizes forced collection operations of the municipal taxes on kiosks whenever needed. That is how the police station for this market has acquired the necessary equipment (padlocks and ropes) to properly carry out this operation.

The Market Commissioner regrets, however, that taxers are currently experiencing enormous difficulties in collecting taxes on stands that have not yet been built. He therefore asks the construction company ALUBUCO, which won the contract for the construction of kiosks on these stands, to execute this contract as soon as possible.

Asked about this, Mr. Eric Nihorimbere of the company ALUBUCO indicates that his company has already started the collection procedures of construction equipment. He nevertheless deplores the cases of traders who have not yet paid the construction costs of the stalls, kiosks and shelves that have been built by this company. He thus asks the town hall of Bujumbura to effect a forced recovery of these costs to facilitate the resumption of work, especially since the company has committed its own funds.

Pending the resumption of those construction works of stalls and kiosks in that market, Commissioner Ndikumana urges the traders who operate in this market to pay those municipal taxes, which are of capital importance for the development of the City council.

As a reminder, in April 2021, the Kinama market police station recovered, in a single day, a sum of 14 million Burundian francs during a forced collection of taxes on activities.

The tax on activities also known as “municipal professional taxes” in marriage of Bujumbura or “municipal professional taxes” in rural communes is provided for by the ordinance of the Minister in charge of the Interior dated August 4, 1997, followed by the decision. of January 15, 2013 from the mayor of the city of Bujumbura on the taxation of objects and services currently not taxed.