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The presidential family has granted various items of aid to vulnerable households as part of the celebration of the National Day of Local Solidarity


Aug 9, 2021

GITEGA / CIBITOKE August 9th (ABP) – The presidential family has granted various items of aid to vulnerable families in the communes of Giheta and Rutegama, respectively, in the provinces of Gitega and Muramvya, on the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of Local Solidarity (JNSL).

The special ceremonies were organized on Friday, July 6, 2021, in Musama village, Giheta commune in Gitega province (central Burundi). As a native of Musama village of Giheta commune, Head of State Evariste Ndayishimiye delivered to eighty vulnerable households aid consisting of beans, maize, rice and loincloths.

In his speech for the occasion, he said that the organization of the national solidarity day is part of the perpetuation of Burundian social values ​​that have characterized our ancestors, pointing out support for people in vulnerable situations such as people of advanced age and those disabled physically and psychomotorically.

He made a strong appeal to the citizens of the same locality to organize themselves to come to the aid of all the poor neighbors. He asked the well-off living in the town to think of theirs who remained in the countryside.

President Ndayishimiye took the opportunity to ask the people to roll up their sleeves to work in this cropping season C in order to increase production.

                                                                              Batches of aid brought by the presidential family

After the ceremonies, the first lady of Burundi, Mrs. Angeline Ndayishimiye, offered iron sheets to 164 vulnerable households located in some villages of the Giheta and Rutegama communes, in the aforementioned provinces.

In the Giheta commune, the distribution concerned vulnerable households from the Kibimba, Musama, Kaguhu, Murayi, Rweru and Muyange villages. As for the commune of Rutegama, the distribution was carried out by the children of the presidential couple and targeted vulnerable people from the locality of Kivoga, in the Rutegama village.

At the end of the distribution, the daughter of the presidential couple, Miss Navie Quetsia Ndayishimiye Keza, gave an interview to the press through which she expressed her feelings of joy for having given something to the needy. She argued that the iron sheets will be used for roof covering for families sleeping out in the open. In turn, Mrs. Jacqueline Manirakiza, one of the recipients of the iron sheets, expressed her feelings of thanks to the presidential family and wished them divine blessings.

In Cibitoke province (north-west), the national day of local solidarity was celebrated on Friday July 6 in all the villages of the province.

Local officials-elect, heads of services and administrative officials joined the people of their native villages to collect food, clothing, money and other goods for the elderly, the disabled, and other more vulnerable people. Food especially that cannot be stored for several days, clothes and other goods were granted the same day to the neediest.

                                                        Distribution of aid to the vulnerable people of Cibitoke province

The beneficiaries of the aid praised and appreciated that gesture in their favor, and asked for continuity even for other months of the year.

And in the speeches made on that occasion by various officials, they spoke of the historical values ​​that have characterized the Burundians, and urged the people to always do their best for the autonomy of the elderly or the disabled.