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Breeders of Kigamba commune are ready to keep their cows in stables


Aug 9, 2021

CANKUZO August 9th (ABP) – Some breeders of Kigamba commune in Cankuzo province (eastern Burundi) are ready to feed their cows in stables for the implementation of the decision taken by the State, a check on Wednesday August 4, 2021 in the Shinge market at Kigamba by ABP has revealed.

Those breeders say they have received with open arms the decision to keep their cattle in stables. They added that this decision will help improve the production of milk and manure which will lead to good yields in the field.

On the other hand, they have made it known that they are selling a few in these days in order to stay with a small number of cows easy to support because, they explained, they are not able to meet the needs of a high number.

Nevertheless, all said the selling price is low compared to the price before the announcement to keep the herds in permanent stables. By way of illustration, one of them said that the one which has the current value of 300,000 to 350,000 BIF had a value of 600,000 BIF before the enactment of that law.

In addition, it is difficult for a cow to stay in one place all the time after it has gotten used to moving around, they said. They asked for permission for them to move around the home to relax.

Regarding preparations, they said that sufficient fodder has already been planted in their fields.