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Update of the contingency plan of Ngozi province


Aug 6, 2021

NGOZI August 6th (ABP) – The risk of disasters due to rain will increase in the world in the future, Mr. Salvator Ruzima, expert in climate change, said during a workshop to update the contingency plan of Ngozi province (northern Burundi).

According to Ruzima, the rains will have increased by more than 20% in 50 years. Burundi, like the province of Ngozi, is not spared from disasters which, in recent times, have increased in quantity and frequency.

It is to manage and prevent potential disasters that a workshop was organized to discuss and draw up a civil security response tool for potential disasters. This tool will provide better knowledge of hazards, risks, vulnerability and impact. The contingency plan will also help the province to generate the strengthening of networks of actors for better coordination of actions and for an active response to disasters.

The updating of the province’s contingency plan brought together representatives of various State sectors, religious denominations, civil society organizations and technical and financial partners of the province. It was also attended by members of the provincial and communal platforms of the province. That four-day workshop began on Tuesday August 3 to end on August 6.