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Animal and fishery production increased during the agricultural year 2020/2021


Jul 31, 2021

BUJUMBURA July 31st (ABP) – Animal and fishery production increased during the agricultural year 2020/2021, according to the report presented on Thursday July 29, 2021 by the Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Mr Deo Guide Rurema.

In fact, 17,849 chicks and 622 piglets were produced at the Gitega poultry center and at the Karusi breeding center. In addition, 14,250 cattle were artificially inseminated, 16,534 goats and 6,346 piglets were distributed to vulnerable households through the community solidarity chain. Around 124,150 young fish were produced from 12 associations and cooperatives in the fish farming stations of Mubone, Isare and Murutso, an integrated fish farming site with 10 fish ponds and 10 henhouses on stilts was installed in Ngozi in Mwumba commune, 22,003 tons of fish were captured by the confederation of fishermen.

Thirty-three animal distribution centers made up of 1,634 cattle, 1,277 pigs, 280 goats, 14,021 hens have been set up by the private individuals and cooperatives under the supervision of the technical services of the ministry. Regarding prophylactic measures, 30,800 cattle were vaccinated against lumpy skin disease and 40,566 pigs against swine fever.

The results show, moreover, that the introduction and improvement of the productive and environmental heritage have taken pride of place. In that regard, 32,029 ha of watersheds, 2,548.99 ha of swamps and plains have been developed. Under the Ewe Burundi urambaye program and various projects, 69,851,746 forest and agroforestry seedlings as well as 507,907 native tree seedlings were produced and grown.

Regarding fruit trees, 10,000 mango seedlings, 5,000 citrus fruit trees, 100,000 avocado trees, 50,000 plum trees, 50,000 passion fruit tree seedlings, 500 apple seedlings have been produced. In the field of irrigation, 4 irrigation networks have been set up, 2 others have been rehabilitated in Mwaro, Gitega and Muramvya provinces while 90 motor pumps have been distributed by the ministry.

Regarding the enhancement of agricultural, animal and fishery production, three agricultural processing units, three dairies as well as six sheds were built and equipped.

To rationally manage water resources, 28,543 bamboo plants, 15,000 sugarcane chips have been planted on the banks of the Ruhwa, Rusizi, Muha, Nkokoma and Ruvubu Rivers. In addition, 600,000 strains of pennisetum purpereum were planted, 41 immediate protection perimeters (PPI) were set up, developed and maintained.