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The Burundian diaspora is called on to contribute in the implementation of government policies and programs


Jul 30, 2021

BUJUMBURA July 30th (ABP) – Burundi Head of State Evariste Ndayishimiye hosted on Wednesday July 28, in Bujumbura, a moralization session for members of the Burundian diaspora from the Europe, Asia and Oceania under the theme: “the contribution of the Burundian diaspora in the implementation of the policies and programs of responsible and hard-working government”.

The aim was to show them the image of Burundi in the years before colonization and know their contribution in the economic development of the country and in the policies and programs of the government.

Mrs. Evelyne Butoyi, spokesperson for the Head of State, said that President Ndayishimiye exchanged with Burundians living abroad on the development of the country, the change of mentalities in order to agree on the image that all Burundians wish to their country.

                                                                                                       View of the participants

The spokesperson for the President of the Republic also indicated that they focused attention on different sectors of life, including the fields of agriculture, health and education.

Mrs. Butoyi reported that Burundians in the diaspora have promised the Head of State that they will now invest in becoming true ambassadors of the country for development, through the respective services. She also specified that the Head of State reassured those Burundians living abroad that the doors of the Office of the President and the various technical services are open to the Burundians living abroad who wants to contribute to the economic development of the country and for those who would like to invest personally in the country.

It is worth recalling that this week dedicated to the Burundian diaspora, 5th edition, was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation.