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The managers of the various socio-professional sectors are called on to increase farming production


Jul 30, 2021

MUYINGA July 30th (ABP) – The Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Gélase Daniel Ndabirabe, has been mobilizing since Tuesday July 27, at the headquarters of Muyinga province (north-eastern Burundi), the managers of the various sectors of the life of the province for a change of behavior. He calls on them to do everything to invest heavily in the agro-pastoral sector in order to increase production on the one hand and boost the country’s economy on the other hand.

The day of Tuesday was devoted to the talk of the speaker of the Lower House of Parliament with the leaders of the various State services. In his teachings, Mr. Ndabirabe informed the audience that the government of Burundi has made the farming sector an urgent priority to raise the country’s economy in order to achieve sustainable development. To that end, he urged the administrative officials and all the staff in charge of agriculture and livestock to combine their efforts so that this priority of the State is translated into action. He invited everyone, the people, administrative officials and those in charge of agriculture and livestock, to do everything possible to ensure that all available land properties are developed. “No property can remain unused in Muyinga province,” he warned.

Speaking of administrative governance, he asked administrative officials to change their behavior in order to really serve the leaders. “An administrative official must play their role of serving the people,” he said. Also, he added, any administrative official must know the threshold of knowledge of their people in order to propel them and the latter benefit from the presence of the people. Finally, an administrative official must adopt a low profile, be attentive and give real-time answers to the concerns of the people.