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Cervical cancer is a reality in Bururi province


Jul 24, 2021

BURURI July 24th (ABP) – Results from cervical cancer screening tests show that a good number of women have precancerous lesions from cervical cancer. The medical director of the health province of Bururi, Dr Vénérand Nyambikiye, indicated that ten health trainers including six in the health district of Matana and four in the health district of Bururi are trained and equipped to screen and treat precancerous lesions. He nevertheless noted that the health province of Bururi needs to increase the number of screening centers to maximize the number of women to be screened. It was the NGO Cordaid that funded this screening, which is done free of charge. Everyone is called upon to help raise awareness so that the entire target group, namely women aged 25 to 50, is reached. Mr. Nyambikiye took the opportunity to wink at certain administrative officials who are not effectively involved in sensitizing the women concerned in the two districts of Bururi and Matana. Note that in the first half of this year, out of 10,449 women who were screened, 277 are positive including 206 who are under treatment, six were referred elsewhere and four died.