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The Senate Speaker has just visited Bururi province


Jul 23, 2021

BURURI July 23rd (ABP) – Burundi Senate President Emmanuel Sinzohagera made on Wednesday a trip to Bururi province (south-western Burundi) where he met the administrators of the Bururi and Vyanda communes.

In his welcoming remarks, the governor of the province of Bururi, Mr. Léonidas Bandenzamaso, indicated that the province is experiencing serious problems linked to the cruel lack of morgues, the hospitals in the province having only ten places. He called on various financial partners to contribute to the construction and extension of the morgues. He also asked the president of the Senate to distribute the NGOs fairly in all the provinces.

                                                                                        View of the meeting participants

The president of the Senate asked the natives of Bururi to change their mentality by making a lot of efforts to contribute to the development of their province. He called on the people of Bururi to participate in safeguarding peace and security.

Speaking to young people, he said that the Burundian State is not up to hiring all graduates, reason why he called on young people to embark on development projects and apply for loans from the youth bank.