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For the promotion of inclusive education for children living with disabilities


Jul 23, 2021

BUJUMBURA July 23rd (ABP) – Disabled children can attend school on the same basis as other children, the director in charge of inclusive education in the ministry in charge of national education, Mr. Patrice Tuhabonyimana, said on Wednesday July 21, during a workshop organized at the Royal Palace hotel. Those children would learn using an inclusive education guide (braille writing and signs), he said.

According to Mr. Tuhabonyimana, the goal of that workshop was to validate the guide to inform and train education professionals on teaching and care techniques for children with disabilities and other children with learning disabilities, as inclusive education ensures children with disabilities and other children with special needs equal rights and opportunities in education.

The provincial directors of education, directors general, university professors, representatives of specialized centers, parents’ representatives, as well as teachers who are responsible for monitoring the implementation of government commitments took part in that meeting.