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State of progress of construction of hydroelectric power stations to increase electrical energy


Jul 22, 2021

BUJUMBURA July 22nd (ABP) – The Ministry of Energy and Mines proceeded on Monday afternoon to the presentation of the achievements for the fourth quarter of 2020/2021, according to a document of the achievements of that ministry that a check by ABP consulted.

With regard to the aspect of increasing the quantity of electrical energy through the construction of hydropower stations, here is the construction of the Jiji-Mulembwe hydropower station. For that power station, the construction of the operating site is 93.23% executed while the construction of the access roads is 31.4% executed. The development of the Jiji-Mulembwe works is carried out at 6%, i.e. an overall execution rate of 29.5%.

For the Mpanda 10.4 MW hydroelectric power station, the document of the public-private partnership project under joint financing of the Mpanda Hydro Power Company and the government of Burundi was analyzed and passed by the Cabinet. The contract has already been signed with Mpanda Hydro Power Company and the resumption of activities is being prepared.

For the 20 MW Kabu 016 hydropower station, the construction execution rate is 60%.

For the 15 MW Ruzibazi 007 hydroelectric power station, the work is progressing normally and the current execution rate for the entire development of the power station is 77.4%.

For the Rusumo Falls hydroelectric power station (80 MW), construction work on the dam is progressing normally. The progress of civil and electromechanical works is currently 80% complete. As for the construction works of the 220 KV Rusumo falls-Gitega line, they are progressing normally and reach 84% for the line and 100% for the construction of substations. The section of the line between Kobero and Muyinga is completed; and the unwinding of the cables between Muyinga and Gitega is at 43%. The tests for the provisional pre-commissioning of the Gitega and Muyinga substations are in progress.

For the 147 MW Rusizi III hydropower station, the private promoters (SNP Power / ISP Kenya) of the project have proposed to the Contracting States (Burundi, DRC, and Rwanda) a new option of 206 MW. The additional studies to validate the new option have been completed and the analysis of those studies remains.

As for the construction of the 220 KV Kamanyola-Bujumbura line, the company that initially carried out the work failed and was suspended. At the moment, the process of recruiting the company for the execution of the work is underway. The ministry is awaiting the non-objection of the AfDB for the contract award. The work execution rate is 73%.

For the 220 KV Kigoma-Gitega line construction project, currently, the recruitment process for executing companies and consulting engineer has been finalized. The latter was selected and started services in December 2020.

The consultant in charge of studies and supervision of the construction works of the 220 KV line Kigoma-Butare-Ngozi-Gitega has just delivered the pre-final call-for-applications documents. The demarcation of the line corridor has just been completed.