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The people of Bumba village are called on to safeguard peace and security


Jul 16, 2021

CANKUZO July 16th (ABP) – The governor of Cankuzo province, Mr Boniface Banyiyezako, held a security meeting on Wednesday July 14, 2021 for the residents of Bumba village in Gisagara commune of that province.

He asked the people of that locality to ensure the safeguarding of peace and security, a check by ABP revealed.

The permanent secretary of Gisagara commune said that this village is home to a large number of the people, that is, more than 35,000 people in more than 7,000 households.

Mr. Bwerere said, among other things, that concubine behavior as well as back and forth movements cause insecurity in the village. The governor of Cankuzo province clarified that concubine behavior leads to overpopulation.

Local authorities are called upon to denounce any man having a second wife, he continued to say. In addition, Mr. Banyiyezako called on the people of that village to do battle with bad drinking behavior, especially by denouncing the manufacturers and consumers of prohibited drinks.

Finally, the governor took the opportunity to call on the people of that locality bordering Tanzania to regularly observe the hygiene measures and the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic as prescribed by the ministry in charge of Public Health.