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Rusengo water retail business supports families in Bujumbura


Jul 14, 2021

BUJUMBURA July 14th (ABP) – Francine Hatungimana and widow Sandrine Niyonkuru, all water retailers at the former central market in the city of Bujumbura next to the Musaga bus parking lot, affirmed, on Friday July 9, 2021, that the Rusengo water retail business they run supports their families without resorting to bad theft paths; they told a check by ABP in an interview on site.

Both women indicated that this activity helps them fight against famine as they are mothers of children.

They said that a single can of Rusengo from Muyira water in Kanyosha commune, Bujumbura province (western Burundi) can be bought 900 BIF upon arrival at the retail location. Thus, they explained, a sum of 100 BIF is paid for the well, 500 BIF for travel, 200 BIF for the municipal tax and 100 BIF for unloading on arrival at the retail location.

For them, Rusengo water from Muyira is preferred by customers for its natural freshness compared to that of Lake Tanganyika.

The price of a large plastic bottle varies between 300 and 500 BIF depending on the means of the customer, they said.

As for profit, Mrs. Hatungimana revealed that two or three cans can be sold per day and that she can receive more than 2,500 BIF per can.

This mother of 5 has let it be known that she manages to pay the school fees for the pupils thanks to that activity. She said she was happy with the way they carry out that retail business in this place without being worried. They advised other women to seek employment to for their self-support.