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The heads of central prisons are called upon to develop self-financing projects


Jul 13, 2021

RUMONGE July 12th (ABP) – The Directorate General of Prison Affairs, represented by Aloys Habonimana, called on the heads of the country’s central prisons on Thursday to organize projects that can contribute to the lives of inmates in order to minimize the funds granted by the State.

It was during the launch of the cassava harvest campaign grown by detainees at Rumonge central prison (south-western Burundi), over an area of ​​8 ha.

In an interview with the press, Mr. Habonimana clarified the dual aspect of the work organized at the level of central prisons. There is the component of increasing production for consumption and for sales and the component of preparing prisoners for reintegration into society.

With a view to increasing agricultural output at Rumonge central prison, Mr. Habonimana said that there are plans to grow cassava in pockets. He called on those in charge of other central prisons to follow in the footsteps of Rumonge central prison which for the moment has already undertaken many projects, namely agriculture, livestock and fish farming.

The director of Rumonge central prison, OPC2 Patrice Nkurikiye, positively appreciated the work carried out by inmates of the same prison because, he said, that work generates income helping to cover their daily needs.

It should be noted that Rumonge central prison currently houses 950 inmates, including 906 men and 44 women.