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The production of beet donuts attracts many young graduates from Gitega province


Jul 1, 2021

GITEGA July 1st (ABP) – The making of beet donuts attracts many educated young people from Gitega province (central Burundi), as revealed in a trade faire made on the occasion of an Academia-public-private partnership forum/exhibition, 2021 edition, organized last week.

Young people who make beet donuts have a bachelor’s degree and general education. They started that profession in 2020 being two, with the seed money of 100,000 BIF, each having brought 50,000 BIF. But for the moment, there are 10 of them doing that job. They sell a pack of nine pieces for 2,000 BIF and one piece for 200 BIF, said Pascal Niyonkuru, one of those young people during an interview with the check by ABP.

In making the donuts, those young people mix beets, carrots, peppers and onions, Niyonkuru explained, indicating that those donuts are good for health because there is no oil and sugar inside.

That profession helps them to meet their needs, Mr. Niyonkuru testified, asking the State to support them by granting them a place and adequate equipment to work in good conditions. He invites other young people to get involved in income-generating activities.