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The lack of equipment is one of the elements that undermine the teaching of ICTs in the 4th basic school level


Jun 30, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 30th (ABP) – The parents of the pupils, in collaboration with the districts, are called upon to contribute in the purchase of teaching material of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the 4th level of the Basic School (ECOFO) in Burundi, the teacher and researcher in Education Sciences at ENS (Teacher’s College), Mr. Etienne Barahinduka, told a check by ABP on Saturday June 26th during an interview.

It was on the sidelines of the activities of the Academia-Public-Private-Partnership (APPP) forum / exhibition, 2021 edition, held at ETS Kamenge.

Mr. Barahinduka said that he presented an article produced with C. Nijimbere, A. Nakimana, and C. Nineza on the teaching of ICT in the 4th level of the Basic School in Burundi: State of play, challenges and perspectives.

He said that article aims to question the teaching / learning of computer science in basic school.

This exploratory research favors a qualitative method, by means of a survey in the form of interviews which were carried out with seven teachers, underlined Mr. Barahinduka.

The results of that research revealed that difficulties related to the lack of computer training among teachers, insufficient equipment and overcrowded classes make it difficult to supervise pupils, according to that researcher and teacher.

The article proposes an introduction to ICTs, training of teachers not yet trained in computer science, as well as the construction of new classrooms. Moreover, a minimum of equipment is urgently needed.

On his part, Mr. Barahinduka proposes that parents pay annually, initially, a sum of 1000 BIF, in collaboration with the districts (which take care of the needy) for the purchase, maintenance, security of the IT equipment, construction of computer science classrooms, and so on.

He continued to say that the supervisory ministry designates, at the national level, whoever wins the market to provide schools with computers, to ensure the maintenance and security of the computer tool.