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The Head of State of Burundi has received in audiences six ambassadors who came to present their credentials


Jun 29, 2021

GITEGA June 29th (ABP) – The President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye, received in audiences, on Monday, June 28, in the State House of Gitega, the ambassadors from six countries namely Zimbabwe, South Korea, Venezuela, Angola, Oman and Bangladesh to present their credentials.

Bangladesh has sent its ambassador to Burundi for the first time.

During the audience that the Head of State granted in turn to those six new ambassadors, discussions focused on the state of bilateral relations between Burundi and those countries as well as the appropriate strategies to be adopted in order to improve and strengthen them, according to the interviews that those ambassadors and the deputy spokesperson for the President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Alain Diomède Nzeyimana, gave to the press after the audiences.

The six ambassadors received by the Head of State of Burundi have indicated that they will strengthen the diplomatic relations of their respective countries with Burundi. They promised to support the efforts of the government Burundi especially in key sectors including agriculture and livestock, good governance, health, and so forth.

The countries of Zimbabwe and Venezuela, which have also been the targets of international sanctions alike Burundi, have promised to strengthen their diplomatic relations with Burundi.

On his part, the new ambassador of South Korea with residence in Kigali has promised that he will try to share with Burundi the experience of the transformative effects which were at the base of the Korean miracles of development carried out in record time.

The Head of State (left) grants the audience to the Angolan Ambassador to Burundi, Sandro Renado Agostinho de Oliveira (right) who came to present his credentials

Regarding Angola, the spokesperson for the Head of State said that the President of the Republic of Burundi and the Representative of that country in Burundi with residence in Dar es Salaam have agreed to continue to strengthen existing relations in the military and economic sectors.

Oman is a country which has traditional relations with Burundi and which will be improved. Since there are people from Oman who live in Burundi and some were born in Burundi but do not have nationality documents, the Head of State of Burundi has promised that the government of Burundi will analyze the solutions to be brought to that issue.

Bangladesh has sent for the first time its ambassador to Burundi with residence in Addis Ababa but occupies a better place at the level of developed countries in the world. It occupies 41st place out of around 200 countries in terms of development and continues to emerge, Mr Nzeyimana said.

The ambassador promised that Bangladesh will exchange its experience with Burundi both in the IT sector and in the field of agriculture.