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The OBR has granted a two-month period for owners of irregularly entered motorcycles to comply with customs regulations


Jun 29, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 29th (ABP) – The Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) has granted a two-month period to the owners of motorcycles entered irregularly for the regularization of their release for consumption in Burundi, according to a press release issued on Friday June 25, 2021.

In that press release, the OBR brings to the attention of all people living in the border provinces of countries bordering Burundi in particular and of all owners of motorcycles in general who have not followed the customs clearance procedures in accordance with customs regulations that July and August 2021 are dedicated to the identification, census, registration, expertise and customs clearance of the said motorcycles except fines according to the given program.

From July 1 to 15, the identification and census of motorcycles will take place in the provinces of Muyinga, Karusi, Ruyigi, Makamba, Rumonge and Cankuzo. From July 16 to 31 will be registration and assessment of the motorcycles listed, from August 1 to 31, customs clearance and issuance of plates.

Owners and holders of motorcycles are invited to register at the OBR customs clearance offices and at the offices of the mobile teams that are close to them.

Beyond this two-month period, the OBR reserves the right to seize and charge the duties, taxes and fines relating thereto to any offender in accordance with customs regulations.

The services of the customs and excise commission, the internal tax and non-tax revenue commission and the investigation, information and risk management commission of the OBR are requested to monitor the implementation of those measures.