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The Academia-Public-Private Partnership (APPP) forum/exhibition, 2021 edition, has ended


Jun 29, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 29th (ABP) – The permanent executive secretary of the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (CNSTI), Mr. Tatien Masharabu, proceeded, on Saturday June 26, 2021, to the closure of the three-day activities of the Academia Public-Private Partnership (APPP) exhibition/forum, 2021 edition, at the ETS Kamenge in Bujumbura City Council.

The chosen theme was “Burundian Intelligentsia at the service of development through research / innovation and technology transfer”. That forum was dedicated to strengthening collaborations between the academic world and consumers of research results, through the dissemination of research results transferable into innovations, said the permanent secretary of the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation in the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research.

The format of the outstanding activities of that forum / exhibition in the closing phase organized in plenary sessions and panels allowed not only capacity building but also dialogue between different actors in the science, technology and innovation sector, he added.

Mr. Masharabu thanked the government of Burundi for having provided, through the finance law, sections intended to finance that important event.

Mr. Masharabu hopes it will continue to support them to organize simulated activities in the future.

Partners of the Inter-University Council of East Africa should be assured of the recognition of their contribution to the success of this activity, he wished.

According to the promise of the executive secretary of the Inter-University Council of East Africa on the occasion of that community event, the 2022 edition will be held in Burundi, he revealed.

Mr. Masharabu invited potential participants to prepare accordingly for the success of that large-scale sub-regional event.

Apart from the conferences which were held, the forum was also marked by exhibition sessions of manufactured products and various innovations in the field of entrepreneurship.