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The “Aude Company” aims to represent Burundi in international competitions in the agribusiness sector


Jun 29, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 29th (ABP) – The potato chip processing company “Aude Company” located in the Bujumbura city council, is giving its all to represent the country in international competitions in the agribusiness sector.

The commercial director of the Aude Company, Mrs. Kelly Chérissa Ingabire, said that the idea of ​​transforming potatoes into chips took inception after noticing that in Burundi, there are periods when we observe productions of bad potatoes and others that see their prices decreased because of overproduction. For example, she illustrated, during this period, one can see a kilo of potato being bought at 150 BIF whereas previously it was 500 BIF.

That company has thus come to allow a good conservation of potatoes, especially in times of overproduction, Mrs. Ingabire underlined.

As for the challenges that this company faces, she indicated that the Burundian population does not take ownership of that product because Burundians like to consume imported products rather than local products, she deplored.

She further pointed out that the products made at the Aude Company are not harmful to health because, she said, they are approved by the Burundi Standardization and Quality Control Authority (BBN). She recalled that her products are sold in four food houses in the city of Bujumbura, including Katikati and Agaharawe.

The Aude Company works in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Trade and is made up of competent staff and specific machines for processing, Mrs. Ingabire reassured. To achieve its goals, that company needs financial resources and equipment.

The Aude Company aims to represent Burundi at the international level, from the “Aude Chips” packaging, and provide jobs to young people, said the commercial director of that company, who calls on all young entrepreneurs to develop the sector of the agribusiness industry.