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Public and private companies prepare for the celebration of the 59th anniversary of Burundi’s independence


Jun 25, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 25th (ABP) – Burundi is preparing to celebrate on July 1, 2021, the 59th anniversary of its independence. To that end, public and private companies are preparing for this event, a check during her visit to certain sewing workshops by ABP has revealed.

While passing through downtown Bujumbura, the check by ABP saw that there are institutions that are having loincloths made to prepare for the celebration of Burundi’s independence, especially those working in the Office of the President of the Republic and those of the Ministry of Hydraulics, Energy and Mines and the National Bank for Economic Development.

The Deputy Director General of the National Bank for Economic Development (BNDE), Mrs. Micheline Ndizeye, announced on Wednesday June 23, 2021, in an interview she gave to the check by ABP, that her staff is preparing to celebrate well the 59th anniversary of the independence of Burundi. They will participate in the parade in loincloths made by the Textile Complex of Burundi (COTEBU) as required by the country’s authorities.

She added that wearing the loincloths made in the country is a source of pride because it shows how much Burundians are attached to patriotism and the development of their country.

To that end, she said that even BNDE staff working inside the country will participate in the parade in COTEBU loincloths.

Asked what appeal to people who do not yet understand the merits of celebrating the independence of our country, she replied that the people of Burundi must rejoice in that celebration because no one is unaware of the history of past of Burundi, and independence means the end of colonialism.