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The people of Bujumbura city council are implementing the measure of compliance with urban planning standards


Jun 22, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 22nd (ABP) – On the 6th day of the seven-day grace period granted by the mayor of the city of Bujumbura, Mr. Jimmy Hatungimana on Wednesday June 16 in a press conference to people who have built in public places, a check by ABP passed on Monday June 21, 2021 in certain quarters of the north of the economic capital, namely Kamenge (North station, Heha quarter), and Taba quarter of the Gihosha zone on the national road (RN1). The check by ABP found out that people who have exceeded city planning standards are destroying their buildings themselves to free up public space.

Regarding the appreciation of that measure relating to the destruction of anarchic buildings, some people met on the site told the check by ABP that they commend the measure, arguing that even if they are recording losses, it is a measure that aims to change the image of the city of Bujumbura and make it clean. Those people have also indicated that they are satisfied with the way in which the latter is being implemented without distinction of social categories of people.

Despite this, there are those who do not understand the objective of that measure and who lament while saying that it is an injustice against them.

It is worth noting that during the press conference hosted by the mayor of the city of Bujumbura, he specified that whoever will resist that measure of removal of anarchic constructions, the city council will itself demolish their building, kiosk or container and a fine will be inflicted on them.