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The holding of congresses aimed at electing the new governing bodies at the district level has ended with a divergence tone


Jun 22, 2021

RUYIGI June 22nd (ABP) – The UPRONA party proceeded on Saturday, June 19, to the closing of the communal congresses, second round, aimed at electing new governing bodies of the party in the province of Ruyigi. That closure came as two sides of that party persisted with opposing views on party leadership in Ruyigi province. Some party activists (Abadasigana) are asking for the personal intervention of the leader of that party at the national level to help them find a lasting solution to that problem. Those second-round congresses were organized on the instruction of the Minister of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security after being informed by a group of Abadasigana who claimed to be hurt and rejected by the governing bodies of that party at the provincial level while they are members of the executive committee of the latter.

That side which says it is favorable to the reconciliation and the reunification of that party without evasions is led by the outgoing 1st communal secretary in Ruyigi, Albert Mwamba as well as his outgoing deputy, Pierre Manirakiza.

At the time of the closing of those congresses which were in progress, the two individuals as well as part of their members composed mainly by young people wearing their uniforms were around the congress venue, in the headquarters of the Ruyigi province but did not enter to partake in the congress.

Before ending the activities of the congress on Saturday, the first provincial secretary of the UPRONA party in Ruyigi, Antoine Ngendanzi, also commonly known as Tayaya, expressed his satisfaction with the holding, the conduct and the participation of the Abadasigana in those congresses.

He deplored the fact that there is a group of former members of that party who, for him, are now in some form of rebellion and say they are always ready to sabotage decisions and activities that do not favor their interests or at least do not allow them to keep the positions and titles they held in the past within the party.

He also added that participation in a political party is an individual matter. But if such or such another member of the said party decides to withdraw from the party to compromise the affairs of UPRONA, the rest of the Abadasigana will not let him take any step forward.

Regarding the ongoing quarrels, he replied that this problem is known at a higher level. The differences of opinion can even exist within the same family, and children who have the same father and the same mother are not always of the same opinion on the management of such or such family property in common.

He finally appealed to the Badasigana of Ruyigi to avoid falling into the traps that are made against them by individuals who no longer have anything to do with UPRONA and especially who were dismissed from their functions following their indiscipline.