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Agronomists and agricultural monitors are called upon to provide good support to farmers during the dry season period


Jun 22, 2021

BUBANZA June 22nd (ABP) – Agronomists and agricultural monitors in Bubanza province (north-west Burundi) are called upon to stay close to farmers to increase production, during this dry season period.

This is an appeal from the Provincial Director of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (DPEAE), Mr. Emmanuel Ndikubaganwa, contacted by a check by ABP.

According to him, Bubanza province currently has 275.5 hectares of swamps ready to be exploited during this dry season, and 6,091 hectares not yet developed in Gihanga, Mpanda and Bubanza communes.

The DPEAE invites farmers to sow, especially maize, cabbages, tomatoes, amaranths, onions and other crops, depending on the location. He asks agronomists and agricultural monitors to stay close to the farmers to supervise them. However, he said that the province has a lack of hybrid maize seeds but specifies that farmers will have to look for them from seed multipliers that exist in all the districts of that province.

Mr. Ndikubaganwa also appealed to farmers to avoid wasting their harvest, and to pastoralists to prepare for permanent stabling which will begin in October 2021.