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AAC-Burundi plans to plant at least 10,500 seedlings of fruit and agro-forestry trees in each commune


Jun 21, 2021

MAKAMBA June 21st (ABP) – The Association of Climate Ambassadors for Clean and Green Burundi (AAC-Burundi), began on Friday June 18, the nursery preparation activities of fruit, agroforestry and indigenous trees on the Mvugo hill of the Nyanza-Lac zone and commune in Makamba province, a check by ABP revealed.

In his speech, the chairman and legal representative of AAC-Burundi, Mr. Noël Nikobamye, indicated that they generally sensitize women and youth to actively participate in the protection of the environment to promote green entrepreneurship by producing fruit trees and growing vegetables.

That category of the numerous people will have the money to undertake development projects based on the reclamation of their soil.

Mr. Nikobamye said they work in collaboration with the administration, the reason why his association encourages young people to make biodegradable paper packages and join together in savings and loan groups.

AAC-Burundi plans to grow at least 10,500 seedlings of fruit trees and agro-forestry in each commune where it carries out its environmental protection activities.

The administrator of Nyanza-Lac, Mrs. Marie Goreth Irankunda, thanked that association for its initiative and promised to give them 3 watering cans to facilitate their activities.