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Growing cassava in a pit increases production


Jun 11, 2021

MAKAMBA June 11th (ABP) – A farmer and producer of selected seeds from the Karinzi village of the Kayogoro zone in Mabanda commune, Makamba province (southern Burundi), Mr. Venant Sabimbona, advises cassava growers to adopt a new system of growing it. Mr. Sabimbona says that in order to have a good yield of cassava people should dig cubic-shaped pits of about 1m³ in which to plant the cuttings.

Mr. Sabimbona says he has already harvested over 80 kg of cassava from a single cutting. To achieve this, those pits are dug during the dry season and put compost mixed with the soil taken from the same pit before planting the cassava cuttings early the rainy season.

He also advises to draw the contour lines especially on sloping land so that those contour lines retain runoff water.