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Four teams including 2 from Gitega qualified for the 1/2 finals of the “Nkurunziza Cup”


Jun 16, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 16th (ABP) – The “Nkurunziza Cup” tournament dedicated to the late President Pierre Nkurunziza has continued. During the second leg of the quarter-finals, Aigle Noir from Makamba and Rukinzo Fc from the National Police of Burundi drew 1-1. Aigle Noir qualified for the semi-finals because in the first leg, it won the match 1-0.

Flambeau du Centre from Gitega defeated Vital’o Fc 3-0 in the return match of the 1/4 finals and qualified for the 1/2 finals because in the first leg the 2 teams drew 3-3.

Kayanza United lost in the quarter-final second leg to Musongati FC from Gitega 0-1. Thus, Musongati FC qualified for the 1/2 finals, in the first leg the 2 teams drew 1-1.

The last match of the return phase of the “Nkurunziza Cup” opposed Messager Ngozi to Olympic Star from Muyinga. Messager Ngozi won 3-0 and qualified for the semi-finals phase of the “Nkurunziza Cup” because in the first leg the 2 teams drew 1-1.

Aigle Noir from Makamba, Flambeau du Centre, Musongati Fc from Gitega and Messager Ngozi thus qualified for the semi-finals of the “Nkurunziza Cup”.

The first leg of the 1/2 finals is scheduled for June 16. Thus Aigle Noir from Makamba will play Flambeau du Centre from Gitega; Messenger Ngozi will play Musongati Fc from Gitega.