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Results of the 8th finals of the First Lady cup


Jun 15, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 15th (ABP) – The First Lady Cup tournament continues. The competing women’s teams played the 1/8 finals. FOFILA-PF largely dominated CSA Gatumba 8-1.

PVP Buyenzi defeated Sezerano 4-0. Lionnes Fc defeated Maika Fc 1-0. Colombe Fc defeated Kerebuka 5-0. Kazoza Keza lost to Bon Avenir 0-1. Arena Star N. Girls largely defeated Abeza Fc 6-1. Rainbow lost on penalties to Étoile du Matin (3 successful shots against 4). In regulation time the 2 teams drew 1-1.

Intwarikazi team lost Inyange Fc 1-3.

In that tournament played in a single qualifying match, 8 teams qualified for the quarter-finals phase.

They are FOFILA-PF from Ngozi; PVP Buyenzi of the City of Bujumbura; La Colombe Fc of the City of Bujumbura; Inyange Fc from Rumonge; Morning Star of the City of Bujumbura; Lionnes Fc from Bubanza; Arena Star N. Girls from Bubanza and Bon Avenir from Ngozi.