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People of Bukeye commune are called on to work harder to protect the environment


Jun 11, 2021

MURAMVYA June 11th (ABP) – The environmental Thursday works in Muramvya province (central-western Burundi) took place on Rweteto hill in Bukeye commune where they maintained eucalyptus plants set up as part of the Ewe Burundi Urambaye program, a check by ABP revealed.

That activity saw the participation of the people from that locality, the legal adviser to the governor of Muramvya province and the director of the Provincial Office of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE).

The people have been sensitized to continue to take part in the protection of the environment and not to waste their harvest. The provincial director of BPEAE in Muramvya, Ali Kassim, said that this routine activity is done regularly in collaboration with both provincial and communal administration. He said he was very pleased with the efforts that the people of the Rusha and Rweteto villages have used in weeding eucalyptus trees over an area of ​​more than one hectare.

“When this plantation is ripe in the future, it will be useful for you,” Ali Kassim told the people; because, bridges, schools or health centers that will need trees to be established or rehabilitated, they will use those trees.

Regarding the preparations for cropping season C, Ali Kassim pointed the finger at the owners of the developed swamps of Nyabihondo because, according to that provincial agricultural official, after three preparatory meetings held for them, many swamps have not yet known plowing. He also asked those owners to combine their efforts and collaborate with the services of the BPEAE to have very good harvests in those marshes before the rice growing planned for the cropping season A 2021-2022.

In his speech, the legal adviser to the governor of Muramvya, Mr. Egide Nimbeshaho, indicated that the day dedicated to the protection of the environment does not concern public lands only but also the lands of the private domain, hence the people are sensitized to ensure environmental protection in their properties.

Mr. Nimbeshaho reminded stockbreeders to prepare for the implementation of the permanent stabling policy which will come into effect on October 4, 2021. With that, he called on stockbreeders who have not yet done so to start building stables and growing fodder grasses so that the deadline can come without fear of that national policy which requires permanent stabling.

Note that this work related to the Ewe Burundi Urambaye program was also carried out on Thursday even in the Mubarazi swamps in the commune of Mbuye where the BPEAE team joined the people in the maintenance of the gutters and irrigation channels.