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An MP elected in the constituency of Rumonge has granted school benches to three schools in the Minago zone


Jun 11, 2021

RUMONGE June 11th (ABP) – An MP elected in the constituency of Rumonge, Mr. Obed Ntakiyiruta, granted on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, aid consisting of 100 school benches worth 5 million Burundi francs to three schools in the Minago zone, Rumonge commune and province (south-western Burundi).

30 school benches were granted to Vumbaganya and Kibozi basic schools received 40 while Gitwe basic school had 30. According to Mr. Ntakiyiruta, those schools were assisted in order to support his native province in the education sector. After seeing the challenges that haunt the same sector, Mr. Ntakiyiruta let it be known that he approached his friends to collect that sum which was used to purchase that equipment.

He invited other natives to remember their native province and work for its development.

The directors as well as the pupils of the three schools all commended that gesture which is so important because, they added, the benches were insufficient for a high number of pupils in each of those schools.