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The governor has brought together residents of Mabayi commune having problems with Tanganyika Mining Burundi


May 27, 2021

CIBITOKE May 25th (ABP) – The governor of Cibitoke province (north-west of Burundi), OPC1 Carême Bizoza, promised on Saturday May 22 to advance the complaints of the inhabitants of Mabayi commune related to compensation following the works of Tanganyika Mining Burundi. It was during the meeting he held at Mageyo in Mabayi commune, along with the representative of parliamentarians, for the inhabitants of the Gakerekwa, Gahoma and Muhungo villages who lost their properties, goods and houses, following the mining activities of the Tanganyika Mining Burundi company.

The meeting was organized three days after the actions of barricades of the road leading to the construction site of the company Tanganyika Mining Burundi by the people from those three villages, to voice their claims for compensation for their damaged property.

According to the communal administrator of Mabayi, Mr. Nicodème Ndahabonyimana, the complaints of his people fall into seven categories.

These are mainly residents whose property has been accounted for with well-fixed amounts; inhabitants whose property has only been inventoried and those who are waiting for their property to be inventoried. There are residents who have houses threatened with collapse following the activities of Tanganyika Mining Burundi; others whose property has been inventoried but who have not had documents attesting to it; those who even have signed documents that only claim their compensation. There are also three households landlocked by the activities of the Tanganyika Mining Burundi company and who are worried about the safety and health of their members.

With that, the governor took due note of the main issues and declared that solutions relating to them will be forthcoming.