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The Eco vision company, alongside the government in the eradication of plastic packaging


May 27, 2021

GITEGA May 25th (ABP) – The young entrepreneur by the name of Théogène Niyonkuru takes issue with young people claiming to be unemployed while they have the strength and intelligence to create a job, he told a check by ABP in an interview.

In order not to fall into this situation which he described as “hopeless”, Mr. Niyonkuru testifies that he created the Eco vision company both to stand alongside the government in protecting the environment and create jobs. His company manufactures packaging by recycling paper. ‘This is our way of joining the government to eradicate the use of plastic packaging, which is harmful to the environment because it is not biodegradable,” he explained.

Speaking about the achievements of the company that took inception in 2019, Mr. Niyonkuru said that it employs eight young people whose salaries vary between 50,000 and 80,000 BIF. With a smile on his lips as a sign of satisfaction with the balance sheet, he said the company’s assets are estimated at 13 million BIF, specifying that they had started with an amount of 4000 BIF.

Currently, the sales points are located in the provinces of Gitega, Muyinga, Ngozi and Muramvya, adding that one makes deliveries in pharmacies and in food shops.

As for the future prospects, the representative of Eco vision said that in the near future the delivery of packaging will extend to the four corners of the country.

He takes issue with young graduates who underestimate small jobs in order to start wandering, forgetting that everything has a beginning.

In addition, he continues to say, the knowledge acquired at school is the key to self-employability and not the gateway to the civil service. “Young people should dissociate themselves from such ideas that lead them to endless wait-and-see for a job,” Niyonkuru concluded.