• Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Insect proliferation jeopardizes fruit crops


Jun 7, 2024

BUJUMBURA, June 7th (ABP) – Fruit crops face many challenges, but the proliferation of insect pests that destroy those crops is the greatest danger, according to researchers at the Burundi Institute of Agronomic Sciences (ISABU).

According to Alexis Mpawenimana, deputy head of the research component on crop pest diseases and entomology researcher, the insects that attack those fruits also have an impact on their yield and marketability. Among the greatest challenges, the biotic constraint linked to pest diseases, including microbes and bacteria, is the most prominent. Unfortunately, according to his analysis, the multiplicity of those insects is only getting worse.

In addition to biotic constraints, there are abiotic constraints, namely manure, water, humidity, fertility and drought. Another challenge is the amateurish approach to fruit growing, said Mr Mpawenimana, who believes that fruit growing is not promoted in Burundi. Fruit trees grow alongside other crops, he said. fruit growing is scattered and households do not have suitable orchards.

Mr. Mpawenimana proposes a preventive approach to make fruit growing more productive for consumption, trade and income generation. To remedy attacks by insect pests, Mr Mpawenimana proposes improving seeds that are more resistant to insect diseases and growing new varieties.

In order to make fruit growing an export-oriented activity, Mr Mpawenimana suggested that horticulturalists should be given capacity-building training.