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The First Lady congratulates a couple who gave birth using the in-vitro fertilisation technique


May 29, 2024

BUJUMBURA, May 29th (ABP) – The First Lady of the Republic of Burundi, Mrs Angeline Ndayishimiye, visited the King Khaled Hospital on Saturday 25 May to congratulate a couple who gave birth using the in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) method carried out at the Umugiraneza polyclinic in Kibimba, in the Giheta commune of Gitega province.

The First Lady took the opportunity to ask Burundians to show solidarity with couples who have not yet had children, and even to support them financially so that they can try the IVF method.

She went on to invite infertile couples to consult the gynaecologists and fertility specialists at the Umugiraneza polyclinic, instead of going to foreign countries, which is very expensive compared to the Umugiraneza polyclinic.

                                    Gifts for the couple who gave birth using the IVF method

She also pointed out that the Umugiraneza polyclinic cannot offer free care to these infertile couples because the specialists who treat them need to be paid, and the equipment used is very equipment used is very expensive, and maintenance is also expensive.For that reason, patients have to pay a certain amount of money. In-vitro fertilisation is a medically assisted reproduction and embryo transfer technique. It is a stage in reproduction corresponding to the penetration of a spermatozoon inside an oocyte in the laboratory, which will unite to form an embryo.

The resulting embryo is then placed in the woman’s uterine cavity for implantation.That technique is used when infertility is linked to a tubal anomaly that prevents the natural meeting of gametes.