• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

The Yolanda’s family association grants food to 70 households in the Gatumba zone


May 24, 2024

BUJUMBURA, May 22nd (ABP) – The head of the Yolanda’s family association in Burundi, located in the Kinama zone in the Carama district, Mr Jean Claude Sindayigaya, granted food to 70 households in the Gatumba area, victims of flooding, on Thursday 16 May 2024.

The food, worth the equivalent of 5,000,000 BIF was purchased with funding from a Spanish woman who had heard what had happened in the area.

Each household received 7kg of rice, 7kg of maize, 5kg of beans and an envelope of 12,000BIF to buy other related items such as coal, oil and salt.

The beneficiaries of that aid thanked the woman who had thought of them by performing such an act of charity, pointing out that there are many people who have quite a lot, but who have done nothing to help them during that difficult period.

As for the households that were not on the list of beneficiaries, Mr Sindayigaya told them to keep their hopes alive for the next occasion.