• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

The month of May is a period of preparation for the growing season C


May 24, 2024

KARUSI, May 24th (ABP) – Agriculture is at the origin of the development of the population of Karusi, reason why supervision and monitoring in that sector is more than necessary, according to the director of the Provincial Office of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE) in Karusi (central-eastern Burundi), Mr. Jean Séverin Sinzobatohana.

Agricultural season C is particularly concerned with marsh crops, including rice, corn, potatoes, vegetables and legumes such as beans, Mr. Sinzobatohana.

Apart from the naturally watered marshes, the Karusi province has initiated a very profitable method during that dry season, namely the irrigation of watersheds, rejoices the director of the BPEAE. He congratulates the population of Gasenyi and Gasivya villages in Gihogazi commune, that of Nkoronko and Rudaraza in Buhiga commune who are already accustomed to it, while encouraging the rest of the population who have the potential to exploit.

During growing season C, a dry season, the BPEAE also encourages the cultivation of cassava and sweet potatoes, so-called lean crops, announces Mr. Sinzobatohana. Its department also monitors the sale of cherry coffee and maintains the coffee trees. At the moment, the trendy crop is avocado. Thus, the entire population and technical services, without leaving aside the administration, are mobilizing in the nurseries of that new commercial crop, reported the director of the BPEAE.