• Sun. May 19th, 2024

Lead UPRONA while respecting the power in place, the words of the wise people of that party


May 10, 2024

GITEGA, May 8th (ABP) – The vice-president of the Republic of Burundi and president of the higher orientation council of the UPRONA party, Mr. Prosper Bazombaza, urged the members of the governing bodies of that party to work in symbiosis for better position the party in the upcoming elections.

It was Sunday, May 5, during the installation ceremonies of a leadership team of the UPRONA party in the new province of Gitega (central Burundi).

At the head of the latter, the secretary general of the said party, Mr. Jean de Dieu Niyonkuru, presented to the audience the name Déo Bigirimana who, subsequently, approved him by acclamation.

                                                      The new provincial secretary of the UPRONA party, Mr. Déo Bigirimana

In his speech, the vice-president of the Republic of Burundi and president of the higher orientation council of UPRONA gave a nod to the new leaders of the party, particularly on the revitalization of the party. He specified that expanding the circle of activists presents itself, to that end, as the best strategy to achieve that. He asked for empathy from them towards the activists who returned to the party after its reunification.

Furthermore, Mr. Bazombaza recommended that activists in the new province of Gitega put their hands in their pockets to contribute to the construction work of the party’s provincial headquarters, a project underway in the Musinzira district, in the center. urban area of Gitega. He led by example with a donation of two million Burundian francs.

Other activist figures from the same party joined the ceremonies such as the second vice-president of the National Assembly, Mr. Abel Gashatsi, and the former vice-president of the Republic, Mr. Yves Sahinguvu.

In their interventions, they converged on a call to the new party leaders to raid the depths of the country to propagate the party’s ideology and recruit activists. They also recommended leading the party as a good father and with respect for the political power in place.