• Sat. May 25th, 2024

People of Gatumba live with the rhythm of the floods, the government wants to relocate them


Apr 16, 2024

BUJUMBURA, April 15th (ABP) – Homes, schools, churches and fuel stations in the Gatumba area have been flooded. To reach their homes, residents are using fishing canoes, ABP reported on Thursday morning.

To alleviate the suffering of the victims, the government of Burundi intends to relocate those people to the communes of Kabezi and Mubimbi. However, the inhabitants of the Gatumba area would like to remain in their homes, and are calling on the government to build them a concrete wall to block the flood waters of the Rusizi river.

Note that on Saturday 6 April 2024, during a day of exchange of good wishes between the natives of Bujumbura, the president of the senate, Emmanuel Sinzohagera, also made it clear that relocating the population of Gatumba is not the real solution, specifying that the best and lasting solution would be for the state to build a dam to prevent the Rusizi river from flooding the town of Gatumba.