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Naton, a health industry committed to promoting the advancement of medical technology worldwide


Apr 8, 2024
BEIJING, April 7th (ABP) – Naton technology group is committed to promoting the advancement of medical technology to lead the development of the medical industry, and helping patients defeat diseases and regain their health with minimal cost, Naton technology group vice president Shao Zeying told African journalists on April 2, 2024 during their visit to the headquarters of this company, which is internationally renowned for its updated innovations in the health sector.
As far as genesis and milestones of this health industry are concerned, Shao Zeying made it known that Naton technology group, also known as ” Naton Medical group, ” took inception in 1996 and has kept on innovating and increasing its offerings both nationally and internationally. It has been awarded many times including the certificates of honor issued by the Chinese government to encourage this health industry to continue providing high quality medical devices, he revealed,  adding that the company exports its medical equipment to over 130 countries across the world including Africa.
The company began to expand the international business in 2008, established the Naton institute of medical technology in 2011, entered the field of artificial intelligence projects in 2018, supplied various facemasks in 2020 to fight against Covid-19 pandemic, and launched orthopedic robots on the market in 2023, to name but a few. Thus, foreign journalists learned about the company’s history, its innovation achievements and international cooperation for its medical products to benefit not only Chinese people, but also people from all over the world.
According to Shao Zeying, Naton Technology Group integrates independent innovation, research and development (RD), large-scale production, professional marketing and high-quality medical service applications. Its core businesses include medical implants, intelligent surgical equipment, bio-based materials, medical aesthetics and protective equipment, medical services, providing trauma solutions, among others. ” Our body rehabilitation products can stay longer in the body without causing any side effects. We offer a complete implant solution for every missing tooth and comprehensive solution for orthopedic injuries. Our surgical robots are capable of providing accurate service to the patient. Our aim is to become number one orthopedic company while relying on innovation “, he reassured.
Concerning the Beijing Naton Medical Institute, it undertakes cutting-edge technology R&D, processes technology transformation, upgrades new product development for the strategic plans of Naton technology group. In terms of medical device innovation capacity building, Naton Institute has 9 specialized laboratories and engineering technology centers, including biomechanics, material science and additive manufacturing.
The development of the medical device field is experiencing the wave of personalized, minimally invasive and intelligent technology. Naton does not only pay attention to its own research and development but also puts forward the concept of open research and development to create an international innovative medical device incubation platform.
To that end, Naton Medical Institute maintains long-term cooperation with universities, research institutes and clinical institutions, carries out research and development layouts worldwide, leads the industry innovation ecology, and jointly promotes the scientific and technological innovation and industrial development of domestic medical devices.
Note that Naton technology group has over 49000 employees and has branches in USA, Finland and Germany with 5 global sales offices based in Australia, Dubai, Panama, Russia and Thailand. It now has the largest mask production line in China.
 Naton technology group vice-president Shao Zeying introducing the industry to the journalists