• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Construction work on an international conference hall is estimated at 80%


Apr 3, 2024

BUJUMBURA April 2nd (ABP) – The Commissioner General of the Burundian Office of Urban Planning, Housing and Construction (OBUHA), Dr Ir Léonidas Nibigira, hosted a press briefing on Friday March 29 on the progress of work on an international conference room located in Rohero, in Bujumbura city.

In his luminary word, Ir Nibigira indicated that that room is a large construction site which has an exceptional character and which will accommodate 1200 guests. That room, built to give a beautiful image of Burundi, will be used for holding major meetings and other conferences for high authorities coming from abroad, he underlined, adding that it will contribute to the development of the country.

He indicated that the step taken was satisfactory, pointing out that with regard to the exterior design, we have completed a few aspects which concern in particular the development of the gardens and the painting of the walls. But there are still other arrangements, in particular the installation of ceilings and their painting, as well as other activities to accelerate the finalization stage of that project, he noted.

Among the aspects that are underway, he mentioned the security and control system, namely the surveillance camera system, a fire prevention system, a physical interception device allowing entry into the conference room to be controlled, and finally the air conditioning system.

According to Dr Nibigira, the desired design of the air conditioning system slowed down the progress of the work. However, studies are underway and the order for that device, which must be unique for use, will be available within three weeks, he reassured.

He said that the OBUHA team and its partners are executing the deadline set so that the construction works of the said building, which are currently at 80%, are finalized by mid-August if, he said. -he says, there are no unforeseen hazards.