• Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Involvement of civil society in the fight against SALW


Mar 21, 2024

MAKAMBA, March 20 (ABP) – The Permanent National Commission to combat the proliferation of small arms, SALW, (CNAP) gathered for two days since Monday March 18, 24 in Makamba, the leaders of civil society and confessions.

nuns from the Bururi, Rumonge, Rutana and Makamba provinces. The role of civil society actors in the fight against SALW was in the spotlight, noted the ABP on site.

The president of the CNAP, Mrs. Générose Ngendanganya, indicated that the success of the fight against the proliferation of SALW will depend on the commitment of the joint security committees and the effective use of household notebooks. According to the president of the CNAP, every Burundian must know that they have the duty to protect the integrity and sovereignty of the country; That is why civil society actors must contribute not only to raising awareness among the population and especially young people about the love of their homeland but also support the country’s development programs. Civil society actors must also get involved in the fight against corruption and fraud.

Mrs. Ngendanganya asked civil society actors to urge them to point the finger at all suspects without forgetting to develop support programs for young people and ex-combatants.