• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

1,200 anti-erosion trees have been planted on the coast of the Ntahangwa River


Mar 12, 2024

BUJUMBURA March 12th (ABP) – The association of supporters of the English team “Arsenal FC Football Club”, in collaboration with the Youth Committed to Environmental Advocacy (YCEA Burundi) association, organized on Saturday, March 9, 2024, in Bujumbura, community works for environmental protection.

During that work, 1,200 anti-erosion trees were planted on the coast of the Ntahangwa River in Bujumbura city, as part of the operation called “Green Saturday”.

On that occasion, the president of the “Arsenal Fans Burundi” association, Issa Abdoul, said that the said association participates in work aimed at the development of the country and that it often organizes charity work to help poor people or disabled people.

“We are not only supporters of Arsenal, we are also actors for the development of the country,” he declared.

Mr. Abdoul also indicated that the choice of the YCEA Green Burundi association as a collaborator in the work of planting anti-erosion trees on the Ntahangwa was mainly based on its experience in environmental protection.

He also revealed that other beautification works in the city of Bujumbura are planned soon, with the aim of attracting tourists to visit Burundi.

He also launched a vibrant appeal to all Burundian supporters of football teams and to Arsenal supporters in particular, to participate in the work of sustainable development of the country, and to the government to support them in their projects.

In turn, the president of YCEA Green Burundi, Pierre Chanel Kazungu indicated that the “Green Saturday” operation concerns all work aimed at protecting the environment such as sanitation, planting trees and flowers and especially awareness raising. and capacity building on environmental protection and climate change.

Mr. Kazungu also thanked the “Arsenal Fans Burundi” association which served as a good example to other associations, by contributing financially to the purchase of trees to be planted and called on all Burundians, especially those in the diaspora, to contribute for the beautification and protection of the country’s environment.