• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Residents of Bujumbura city are called on to participate in environmental protection


Mar 7, 2024

BUJUMBURA March 5th  (ABP) – The Mayor of Bujumbura city, Jimmy Hatungimana joined Saturday, March 2, 2024, with environmental protection associations, in the work of planting trees and flowers on the main roads of Bujumbura city.

On that occasion, the Mayor of Bujumbura city recalled that every citizen is involved in the cleanliness and beautification of the city, suggesting that everyone cleans up their plot.

Mr. Hatungimana also called on the people to make proper use of public trash cans placed in different corners of the city of Bujumbura.

Those collective works to beautify the city of Bujumbura also saw the massive participation of different associations working in the environmental field, including the Youth Committed to Environmental Advocacy (YCEA Green) association and its members.

The founding president of YCEA Green, Pierre Chanel Kazungu, appreciated the initiative to mobilize citizens to participate in environmental protection work, especially in planting trees in cities. He also suggested condensing efforts on training related to the environment and climate change because, according to him, that area is new among the Burundians, who have not yet understood the “green war” program » which calls for protecting the environment.

Other countries are a step ahead of us in terms of environmental protection,” he underlined, adding that it is necessary for the State to support young people, by granting scholarships for go and immerse yourself in materials related to the environment abroad so that they have sufficient training in that area. Those trained young people will, according to him, recognize the effort made by the State and will return to the country to in turn train other young people. He reassured that with that training, Burundians will be able to participate in environmental protection work without waiting for a reminder from the government.

He took the opportunity to inform the government and the Burundian population that during his training abroad, he was able to learn about a tree called the “Imperial tree” which grows quickly and which absorbs a large quantity of Carbonne. To that end, he proposed importing that new variety of tree because it could help to have a good environment and especially to the 2040-2060 vision.

That initiative to clean and beautify the city comes after the declarations of the President of the Republic, Evariste Ndayishimiye, during the recent conference on the improvement of tourism mechanisms in Burundi, where he deplored the state of affairs of sanitation, opposite the Ideal gallery.