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A deadline of 45 days given to all administrative officials to make the Bujumbura city clean


Mar 7, 2024

BUJUMBURA March 7th (ABP) – The mayor of the city of Bujumbura, Mr. Jimmy Hatungimana, held a meeting on Monday March 4 with the administrative officials of different departments of the Bujumbura city with the aim of discussing various points that could improve cleanliness and public hygiene in Bujumbura city.

According to him, the objective of that meeting was to make Bujumbura clean in order to allow its inhabitants and visitors to admire the beauty of the city. After discussing with the administrative officials, some recommendations were made.

With regard to the preservation of public hygiene, it was recommended that any residential plot or any administrative or commercial building have a trash bin for household waste. It is therefore strictly forbidden to throw household waste, plastic bottles or other packaging into rivers, construction sites, unused plots of land.

In addition, it is prohibited to directly connect manholes to pipes, water collectors and rivers. Bistros, restaurants and other houses for administrative or commercial use must have very clean latrines. Furthermore, the cleaning of gutters, the beautification and maintenance of the spaces between the fences and the public highway were also recommended.

School directors are required to ensure the health of their schools by making them healthy and beautiful. The sale of food on public roads and the throwing of its peelings are strictly prohibited, as is the use of certain environments, corners of residential houses and other places as urinals, he insisted.

                                                  View of the meeting participants

During that meeting, Mr. Hatungimana recommended that each plot have at least one- or two-night lamps on the exterior facades of houses or on fences for exterior lighting of the house.

He urged companies that transport household waste to pass through the neighborhoods at least two or three times a week to collect them in order to avoid dirt in the neighborhoods. As for payment, the mayor of the city invited the heads of those companies to consult with the heads of neighborhoods and household managers to agree on the price to be set.

The mayor of Bujumbura city took the opportunity to ask the Burundian Office of Urban Planning, Housing and Construction (OBUHA) to provide those companies with sufficient space where they can dispose of that waste. because there is no more space in the Buterere area. He also invited the same Office to build public toilets in different corners of the city of Bujumbura.

All administrative staff, down to the base, have 45 days to make the city of Bujumbura clean, he said, insisting that anyone who is unable to carry out that work will be replaced.

The city mayor called on participants to scrupulously respect the measures taken and disseminate them widely. Recalcitrants will be severely punished, he said.