• Sun. May 26th, 2024

Handover ceremonies between the outgoing and incoming presidents of the ONPR


Jan 24, 2024

BUJUMBURA January 22nd (ABP) – The outgoing president of the National Office of Pensions and Professional Risks of Civil Servants, Magistrates and Law Enforcement Agents (ONPR), Mr. Pascal Nyabenda and the incoming president, Mr. Jean Anastase Hicuburundi proceeded, Thursday January 18, 2024, to the handover ceremonies.

The outgoing president indicated that among the files he handed over to the incoming president are the implementation of the construction of the ONPR building in Gitega which is under construction, the implementation of the president’s decision of the Republic which consists of the payment of the salaries of retirees an amount equivalent to the last monthly salary they received before the pension and the file of the situation of the personnel of the ONPR, where he noted that the salary of the personnel of the ONPR is not satisfactory compared to other institutions such as the INSS and the civil service mutual fund.

The incoming president of the ONPR promised to do everything for the implementation of all those projects, in collaboration with the ministry having solidarity in its responsibilities.