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Illegal couples have six months to regularize their marriage


Jan 10, 2024

NGOZI, January 10th (ABP) – The Governor of Ngozi province, Désire Minani, has granted a six-month period to couples living illegally to regularize their marriage, a check by revealed.

After the period, the administration will have to take restrictive measures to the extent that there will be the forced exit of unregistered women and the imprisonment of irregular men.

The other measure concerns women who practice spouse poaching with married men. They have three days to leave in order not to be caught by local administration.

According to Governor Minani, concubine behavior and polygamy are the basis of various disputes which undermine Burundian society. They lead to conflicts of all kinds, up to and including killings. They must be fought rigorously.

Those practices are very frequent in Ngozi province, especially in the communes of Gashikanwa, Tangara and Kiremba. There, it is not rare to find men who have registered two or three marriages in the marital registry. The latter give birth to many children whom they are incapable of feeding, educating, etc., and who kill each other, in the long run, for the small plots of family land. The fight against polygamy and concubine behavior is one of the ways to maintain social harmony and fair justice for all.