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Coffee culture is important in the development of the country


Dec 4, 2023

BUBANZA December 4th (ABP) – The governor of Bubanza province, Cléophas Nizigiyimana, launched, Friday, December 1, 2023, the campaign of spraying, fertilization and planting of new coffee plants, on Gitonganikwa village, in Musigati commune (North-West of Burundi), a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The governor of Bubanza (right) and the head of BPEAE, plants a coffee tree.

On that occasion, the director of the Provincial Office of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE), Emmanuel Ndikubaganwa, indicated that, out of 174,000 new coffee plants planned for the Bubanza province, 85 % are already planted. He also indicated that phytosanitary products for spraying coffee trees are already available.

During the first three years, coffee farmers can insert beans, soybeans and banana trees into their coffee fields, he said. He invited them to plant grevilea trees around their coffee fields, with the aim of protecting them against the invasion of insects and destruction by violent winds.

As for the provincial governor Bubanza, he called on his leaders to always reserve an area within their land holdings for coffee cultivation because it provides foreign currency for the country, which makes it possible to implement development projects. and to buy products not made in Burundi. The commune also benefits from it with the tax of 46 Fbu on the kilogram sold.

He asked the coffee growers to maintain their fields well because, according to him, a coffee plant can produce between 4 and 5 kilograms. To agricultural technicians, the call is to strengthen the monitoring and supervision of coffee growers in their respective localities.

Note that the launch of that campaign took place in a 3-hectare field, of a cooperative, named “Dukunde igihugu Twitezimbere”, where 8000 coffee plants were planted.