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1764 households with malnourished children and women have benefited from domestic animals


Nov 15, 2023

BUBANZA, November 15th (ABP) – 1,764 households in the Bubanza province (north-west of Burundi), with malnourished children and women, have benefited, since Monday November 13, 2023, from domestic animals made of small cattle, from the ministry responsible for health, through its “NKURIZA” project, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Those domestic animals consisted of 4440 rabbits, 275 goats and 601 pigs. Beneficiary households were targeted in all the villages of that province. Each household benefits from five rabbits, a goat or a pig. And it was specified that the NKURIZA project will support them for three months regarding the diet and health of those animals.

In his speech, the general director responsible for programs at the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, Polycarpe Ndayikeza, indicated that the objective of the distribution of those domestic animals is to bring certain households to improving living conditions to eradicate malnutrition, which is among the obstacles to the development of households and the country.

He noted that those animals belong to the entire entourage of the beneficiaries, explaining that even neighbors will benefit from them through community solidarity chains, he continued to say.

Mr. Ndayikeza invited the beneficiaries of the small cattle to take good care of those animals so that they are useful to them. The other appeal focuses on family planning. He said that demographic pressure in the face of the atomization of arable land also undermines development.

Note that households with malnourished children benefited from selected bean seeds and market garden crops, as part of the same “NKURIZA” project.